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  • Zero Down Mortgages

    September 18, 2010 // 0 Comments

    Posted in: Hawaii Finance

    There are a lot of people who are having difficulty acquiring mortgages due to the credit crunch. Even though many banks and our own government want to convince people that the credit crunch is over, it is not and it is still affecting a lot of people. Within the past couple of years many products regarding mortgages have been taken off the market but as of lately the amount of mortgage products available to the public is increasing once again. Although the availability of mortgage products is increasing, people are still having trouble finding a product that best fits them. This may be due to the fact that many lenders are changing the way they provide mortgages to the public.

    A large amount of products with fixed terms have had their mortgage rates reduced by lenders over the past few months. Even though the rates are decreasing the product itself along with its arrangement fees have gone up; the standard variable rates of these products has significantly increased and are now much higher than they were originally. You should be cautious and not so hasty to make a deal because even if the overall rates seem low the standard variable rates should be reviewed thoroughly, and you should also think about how your financial situations may change over next 2 or 3 years.

    Other fees that have also shown an increase are the product and arrangement fees. You should check with more than one bank and see if any of them are offering special offers and if so which offer is the best overall deal.

    People would be smart if they read up on the latest mortgage products so that they will be well informed when making a decision as to which one to use. Gather as much information as possible on the newest deals that are being provided by lenders and updated rates that have been applied to old products. These numbers will most likely change every day, so research should be performed on a daily basis to ensure that the information is current.

    Zero down mortgages used to be much easier to acquire before the problem of the credit crunch arose which as a result decreased to 60 and 70 percent mortgages. Lately the government has been advocating how important it is for banks to be willing to lend more money to homeowners and business people; as a result some people may be able to get 80 to 95 percent mortgages.

    You should check the news everyday about new mortgage rates and deals if you are trying to get a new mortgage or are just interested in refinancing. Even though it is important to conduct research it may also prove to be helpful to get the advice of a professional.

  • Types of Direct Hawaii Real Estate Investments

    July 31, 2010 // 0 Comments

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    Plot of the US Federal Reserve Open Market Pur...
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    If you’re thinking about investing in Hawaii real estate, there are several different methods, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Deciding your goals in advance and being aware of the different investment types can maximize your profits and avoid financial disaster.

    Many traditional real estate investors have built substantial cash flow with rental properties. However, this option is not as popular as it used to be for several reasons. First the day-to-day management issues can be overwhelming, especially if you own multiple properties. You can hire a property management company for a percentage of the rent, but you will still need to oversee their activities. Non-payment of rent and damages to the property are significant risks. You can work with Section 8 and rent to low-income tenants with the bulk of the rent paid by the government agency; however, the rent you will receive is often lower than market value, and the property will be subject to stringent annual inspections.

    Some real estate investment guides tout the procedure of “mortgaging out” to increase profit from rental investments. In this process, you obtain two mortgages for a total amount greater than the price to buy the property. In reality, such deals are rare. Mortgage standards are tougher for investment properties.

    Flipping” often appears to be a real estate investment tactic that offers quick, maximum profits. However, you must be careful that the property you choose doesn’t have expensive structural problems or hidden problems with wiring or plumbing. You will need to work with licensed contractors to make sure repairs are up to code, and you will need to be familiar enough with procedures to adequately supervise their work. Profits will not be “instant”—if you flip the property less than six months after purchase, you will pay capital gains tax on the full amount of profit. If you hold the property more than six months, you will only owe capital gains tax on 50% of your profit.

    Tax sale certificates are sometimes touted as a method for purchasing property below market value. However, most properties are either redeemed by the owner or the lien holder will place a bid high enough to ensure that their interest will be protected. You need to be prepared to pay the full amount of your bid with 24-72 hours of acceptance, and the registered owner may have up to two years to redeem the property. During that time, you will not have physical possession of the property.

    Foreclosures and short sales are two other sources of real estate bargains. Properties may be damaged by vandals after sitting vacant, or may be subject to problems from deferred maintenance the former owner could not afford to perform.

    Investing in real estate can be profitable. It can also be challenging. It is important to consider both the challenges and the potential profit when planning your real estate investment strategies.

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  • Kaneohe real estate market

    June 8, 2010 // 0 Comments

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    Byodo-In Temple, Kaneohe, HI
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    The Kaneohe real estate market, a sector of the Oahu housing market, seemed to be trending towards a continued recovery despite uncertainty about a few indicators. According to a May 13, 2010 article in the Honolulu Star Bulletin, although the state of Hawaii overall faced a higher foreclosure rate, the island of Oahu did much better in comparison. This piece noted that “Oahu remained well below the national rate of foreclosures in April, but the Big Island and Maui markets took large hits.” The article, written by Gene Park, went on to say that “Oahu fared the best, with one in every 580 homes…Nationwide the number of homes facing foreclosure fell 2.4 percent from a year ago in April. James Saccacio, chief executive officer of RealtyTrac, said the April national numbers indicate a plateau in foreclosures, but ‘at a very high level that will not drop off in the near future.’”

    The average purchase price of a Kaneohe or Oahu home for sale increased in the most recent tracking period, according to a June 3, 2010 article from the Pacific Business News. This piece noted that “Oahu home prices are up 5.1 on average over the past year, according to a report released Thursday by a provider of real estate valuation and risk assessment for financial services companies.” The article went on to say that “Comparing the three months end[ing] May 31 with the same period last year, California-based Clear Capital ranked Oahu as the seventh-highest performing major market nationally, with a 2.2 percent price increase, behind Dallas, Pittsburgh, San Diego, San Francisco, Houston and Minneapolis. The number of bank-owned properties on Oahu – 7.5 percent of the total – remains modest.”

    Uncertainty over where exactly home prices stand in the Oahu and Kaneohe real estate market has proven to be controversial, according to a May 26, 2010 article in the Honolulu Advertiser. This piece by Andrew Gomes noted that “The Federal Housing Finance Agency yesterday reported that Oahu single-family home values in the first quarter were down 4.5 percent compared with the same quarter last year. The figures compares with a 4.4 percent rise in the median price for Oahu single-family homes sold in the first quarter as reported by the Honolulu Board of Realtors. It’s debatable which assessment is more accurate.”

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  • The Perfect Mortgage for your Perfect Home

    May 19, 2010 // 0 Comments

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    Downtown Honolulu, HI, view from Punch Bowl.
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    Nowadays with more mortgages coming on the specific market it seems that buying yourself a house will definitely represent a challenge. The best tip that one can assimilate in this respect is to find all the knowledge one can get to learn about the mortgage loans. Setting your mind on looking for the suitable mortgage you will find a wide range of such products with various circumstances, these ones reflecting your own needs.

    Consider the matter from your point of view: you live for instance in Hawaii and have little knowledge about Hawaii home loans, in fact the whole process seems to be very confusing to you. The next move you could do is to search for the assistance of a financial adviser; these professionals can advise you to go for the best mortgage that suits the best your needs and the financial powers for the future.

    Or if you want to find a product of the Hawaii mortgage loans which is right for you then appealing to a mortgage broker can be a great idea. Professionals in this industry have a large number of lenders as connections and they can work as well as intermediaries between you and the mortgage lender and their policy.

    Calling in the assistance of a mortgage broker you have to know that there is only an application form that needs to be filled and this one will be passed over different lenders and as such reaching for the best deal of a mortgage.

    You will soon realize that this professional will save you a lot of time and of the pressure involved in the search of a mortgage lender. After filling the application form and having already the connections in the mortgage market, the mortgage broker will know in advance which lender will approve your application and which one won’t approve it.

    A mortgage broker also known as mortgage adviser has knowledge about the Hawaii mortgage loans, but before considering approaching one in this matter, it would be a great idea to do some research regarding the different options available for mortgage loans.

    In this way you will have a pretty idea of the type of mortgage you might want to choose. This will be a decisive matter in respect to the option preferred: a repayment mortgage or an interest only mortgage. For example, what is the best for you: a fixed mortgage rate, a variable mortgage rate or offset mortgage?

    In case the confusion is still with you in what regards Hawaii home loans, but you are in great need of one, then the option of online searching is again one of the best. Information is available in all types and accessible terms. As such you will get at least a better picture on what is mortgage loan all about and find out what is the best for your own needs.

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  • Visit Hawaii

    January 9, 2010 // 0 Comments

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    Hanalei Town with a view of Mt. Na Molokama, a...
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    Located at the Pacific Ocean near the shores of USA, Japan and Australia is Hawaii, a popular group of islands of United States.  Hawaii is a tropical area and a major place for pineapple, sugar and whaling industries. With a total area of 29,311 square kilometer, a population of 1,211,537 and density of 188.6 square meters, Hawaii is divided into eight major islands, namely Niihau, O’ahu, Maui, Kauai, Lanai, Hawa’I, Moloka’I and Kaho’olawe.

    Touted as one of the most beautiful places in the US, this makes Hawaii as a popular tourist spot for Americans and foreigners alike. Hawaii boasts quite a number of places for tourists to visit such as Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Haleakala National Park, and USS Arizona National Memorial. These are just some of the attractive places to visit in Hawaii.

    Given the close to perfect climate of Hawaii, tourists don’t have to worry much about the weather in planning their visit. Still, it is advisable to check beforehand, since Hawaii is also prone to the occasional storms and tropical cyclones. Tourists could make use of Hawaii environmental news service to get to know more about Hawaii’s climate so they could plan ahead their visit.

    Looking up for specific information about a place such as Hawaii has become easier with the arrival of the Internet. Prospective Hawaii tourists can look up dedicated tourists information and portals that provide Hawaii news and information. This is one of the best ways for tourists to keep themselves updated about the latest information regarding their destinations. These web information portals are definitely helpful in planning the most appropriate time to visit the Hawaii Islands.

    Looking to purchase Hawaii real estate for your perfect vacation Homes, there are many sources to search for all islands.

    So, in planning your Hawaii vacation, checking out site that provides Hawaii local news ensures that you will have the latest information with regards to the perfect tourist season and spots. All major broadcasters such as KHON-TV, KITV and many more TV channels ensure that Hawaii is well connected throughout the islands and the world.

    Tourism is one of the most thriving industries in Hawaii. Aside from the places mentioned above, Na Pali Coast, Hanalei Bay, Kilauea, Grand Canyon, Poipu Beach, Wailua Falls and Waimea Canyon are also popular Hawaii tourist spots. Hawaii’s tourists could usually enjoy a variety of water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling and diving. There are also land activities available such as trekking, hiking and horse riding. Another a must activity is island hopping, where visitors could see and experience the ultimate Hawaiian Islands.

    So, get started and plan your wonderful Hawaiian vacation. This will definitely be one of the most memorable trips that ensure quality time within the beautiful Hawaii Islands.

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  • Living on a Lagoon

    December 23, 2009 // 0 Comments

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    Fields Open @ Ko'Olina Resort - Oahu
    Image by Mikey loves Barcelona via Flickr

    Ko Olina, one of Oahu’s truly hidden secrets, has just recently begun to attract the attention of developers of Ewa real estate.  A true island paradise, the Ko Olina area consists of a number of private plots of real estate, a hotel resort, vacation homes,  a marina and harbor, and some of the best golfing in the state.  The JW Marriott Ihilani Resort & Spa is the highlight of area and provides a world class luxury resort experience that is mixed with the true spirit of island hospitality.  The hotel features 387 guest rooms and 36 suites, many offering spectacular ocean views and panoramic views of the crystal blue lagoons that are exclusively for hotel guests. The Marriott Beach Club is responsible for the operation of the timeshare units that are in facilities completely separate from the hotel.

    The resort has partnered with the National Football League to sponsor all players, staff, and their families for the annual Pro Bowl held at Aloha Stadium.  Large areas are devoted to Pro Bowl activities and a practice field is even painted and leveled for players’ use prior to the big day.  A number of community events are also hosted by the NFL at the resort during the week leading up to the game.

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  • Convenient Schooling in Central Oahu

    December 23, 2009 // 0 Comments

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    Mililani Mauka is the newer and more upscale a...
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    One of the allures of Mililani Hawaii real estate is the exceptional public educations that can be found in the immediate vicinity.  Administered by the Hawaii Department of Education, the Mililani is well covered by an intricate network of elementary, middle, and high schools that serve the area’s K-12 needs quite well.  Elementary schools include Kipapa, Mililani Uka, and Mililani Waena.  Middle schools include Mililani Ike and Mililani Mauka.

    The sole high school that serves the students of Mililani is the Mililani High School.  The campus serves almost 2,500 students in four grades and is one of the largest high schools in the state of Hawaii.  In 2005, Mililani graduated the largest class in the state. A faculty pool of about 190 teachers have been leading the school since it opened in 1973.  Mililani High School is especially known for its arts, performing arts, and digital media programs, all of which are frequented by some of the most accelerated students in the state.  The school’s marching band is typically named among the top two in the state each year.  Students also have access to an extensive athletics program that includes varsity teams in Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Judo, Soccer, Girl’s Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Boys’ and Girls’ track, Volleyball, Wrestling, Water Polo, and Paddling.

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  • Wailua River Fun

    December 23, 2009 // 0 Comments

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    Wailua River Mountain View
    Image by bbum via Flickr

    While not many Kauai homes are located along the Wailua River, the river is one of the longest rivers in the state and is the only navigable river in the Hawaiian Islands. Beginning at the crater of Mount Waialeale, the river runs towards its mouth that meets the Pacific Ocean.  A hub of activity and social life on the island, both locals and tourists can be spotted along the river most days of the year.  The river caters mainly to kayak tours that run up the river.  The tours take participants up into the deeper Kauai forests to explore the waterfalls and natural sights that are hidden the in the lush brush beyond. Boat tours to the Fern Grotto and other water activities like jet skiing, banana boating, and parasailing are also based at the mouth of the Wailua River.

    But besides the variety of activities available on the river, Wailua River has a number of attractions itself.  Halokila Hawaiian Village is one of the biggest sights along the waterway.  The village is a complex of ancient Hawaiian buildings and homes.  A bird refuge also is located along Wailua River and attracts a number of endemic species that are quite frequently spotted by kayakers passing by.  A waterfall referred to by the simple name of “Secret Falls” is also popular for its rope swing and gorgeous vistas.

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